Friday, December 19, 2003

Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar Deskbar

Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar Deskbar. This tool is a toolbar for your desktop. It allows you to search many search engines. You can search for many things including dictionary definitions, stock quotes, newsgroups, weather, translated text/webpages, open websites and many more. You can add functionality to it through HTML configuration files. It is an Open Source project as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003


HTML-Kit is one of the best HTML editors available and it is completely free. As well as syntax highlighting for various file type (HTML, ASP, PHP, CSS, etc) it also allows you to validate you CSS and HTML with online validators - and check your HTML with HTML-Tidy offline. It is has a wide range of plugins available (you can even develop your own). Check out the extensive feature list. My favourite plugins:

  • hkDivStarter - create layouts using CSS and DIV tags (added 9 Jan 2004)
  • hkTagTreeLite - display (X)HTML / XML as a tree structure, can be used to navigate the code (added 9 Jan 2004)
  • cmBatchFind - find text in multiple files
  • cmBatchDelete - delete multiple files
  • cmBatchReplace - replace text in multiple files (supports regular expressions and can back up changed files)
  • cmCodePublish - formats your code to allow you to publish it as HTML (with syntax highlighting)
  • cmCodeCrusher - strips out superfluous whitespace and comments in your code
  • cmCodeFinder - lists hkScript, PHP, Perl, HTML and Ruby functions/tags in your code, which you can jump to by selecting from the list
  • cmLookupWord - look up selected text in Google Web and Groups, Open Directory Project, and,, and
  • cmTreeView - display HTML/XML document in a 'tree' structure
  • irLinkChecker - check your links (plugin written in PHP)
  • twJavaScript - insert JavaScript snippets
  • gmPageReport - generate a report on a file you choose, very extensive
  • rdFunctionList - list JavaScript, PHP and hkScript functions in a drop down list
  • irShowMatchingParens - show matching brackets in your code
  • irHTMLShow - outline certain HTML elements in preview mode

Thursday, December 11, 2003


A very useful toolbar (for Internet Explorer / Mozilla / Netscape) that allows you to find websites that other users recommend. It is community based so you can also recommend sites as well. Download from

Has two ratings - Not for me and I like it. Use on any sites you like (or dislike). The more sites you rate, the better results you get. Sites are put into interest categories (i.e. Web Developer, Programming) - so if you add your interests, you will get better results. A good way of browsing the web without using a search engine.

Almost 300,000 sites listed and 83,000 members. Going since mid-2002 (site redesign January 2003 - approx 20,000 members). Hopefully the more users and the more websites, the better it will get.

Update - Jan 9 2004: 90,614 members, 309,229 websites - seems to be growing quickly, perhaps 10,000+ members by February

Update - Mar 5 2004: 104,872 members, 407,710 websites. Perhaps there will be 1/2 million sites by late April / early May? More member features have been added (member groups - for those with similar interests)

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Editing Databases

Couple of free tools for editing databases.
  • Office-QB Standard - free download for accessing databases via ADO and ODBC. Basic querying of data, so knowledege of SQL syntax recommended. Office-QB Pro has more features
  • CuteSQL - free download, connects via ADO and ODBC
  • DbaMgr - two versions available. DbaMgr is for SQL Server 7.0 and MSDE 1.0, DbaMgr2k is for SQL Server 2000 and MSDE 2000
  • SQLExecMS - version 1 is free. Can edit MSDE and SQL Server 7.0/2000 databases
  • WinSQL - Lite version free (requires free registration after 30 days). Connects to any ODBC database
  • MySQL Control Centre - edit MySQL databases
Online editing via ASP:
  • 1ClickDB - free (basic editing of data in tables and export from tables and views) and pro (extra features like stored procedures and import) versions available
  • Universal Table Editor - using VBScript class
Set permissions on the folders that you install these to, else anyone with the URL could edit the data.