Wednesday, December 17, 2003


HTML-Kit is one of the best HTML editors available and it is completely free. As well as syntax highlighting for various file type (HTML, ASP, PHP, CSS, etc) it also allows you to validate you CSS and HTML with online validators - and check your HTML with HTML-Tidy offline. It is has a wide range of plugins available (you can even develop your own). Check out the extensive feature list. My favourite plugins:

  • hkDivStarter - create layouts using CSS and DIV tags (added 9 Jan 2004)
  • hkTagTreeLite - display (X)HTML / XML as a tree structure, can be used to navigate the code (added 9 Jan 2004)
  • cmBatchFind - find text in multiple files
  • cmBatchDelete - delete multiple files
  • cmBatchReplace - replace text in multiple files (supports regular expressions and can back up changed files)
  • cmCodePublish - formats your code to allow you to publish it as HTML (with syntax highlighting)
  • cmCodeCrusher - strips out superfluous whitespace and comments in your code
  • cmCodeFinder - lists hkScript, PHP, Perl, HTML and Ruby functions/tags in your code, which you can jump to by selecting from the list
  • cmLookupWord - look up selected text in Google Web and Groups, Open Directory Project, and,, and
  • cmTreeView - display HTML/XML document in a 'tree' structure
  • irLinkChecker - check your links (plugin written in PHP)
  • twJavaScript - insert JavaScript snippets
  • gmPageReport - generate a report on a file you choose, very extensive
  • rdFunctionList - list JavaScript, PHP and hkScript functions in a drop down list
  • irShowMatchingParens - show matching brackets in your code
  • irHTMLShow - outline certain HTML elements in preview mode

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