Thursday, February 26, 2004

Firefox Extensions

There are several good web developer extensions available for Mozilla Firefox

  • User Agent Switcher - to allow Firefox to pretend to be another browser (for sites that insist you use MSIE)
  • Web Developer - useful for validating pages, outlining block-level elements, resize browser windows, references, etc
  • Venkman - JavaScript debugger (not really designed for Firefox but can still work). It would be good if this could be used in IE too.
  • Web Panel Enhancer - open source/link in side panel
  • Edit CSS - change CSS on the fly, good for testing new styles without modifying the original code
  • Live HTTP Headers - see HTTP headers sent by a web server when you request a page

As far as features go, Firefox is a lot better than Internet Explorer (for you can manipulate the interface through themes and XUL, develop your own extensions with just a text editor). Because it is not tied into the OS, extensions can work across different OS's and not be a security problem

Monday, February 09, 2004

Mozilla Firebird now Firefox

Mozilla Firebird is now at version 0.8 and is now known as Firefox - new URL: It was changed as there is a SourceForge project already called Firebird - (open source relational database)

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Linux LiveCD

A Linux LiveCD is a bootable CD that can be used to try out Linux without installing it to your hard drive. They often have over 1GB of software (which is decompressed when you wish to run a program). Some LiveCD's allow you to install Linux as well. A few good ones to try are:

Knoppix seems to be the most up to date and best one at the moment. I very much doubt there will ever be a MSWindows LiveCD (due to licensing) - which shows the advantage Linux may have over Windows - the ability to demo and use Linux without installing onto a PC (and it costs only the price of a CD-R (plus once-off download cost)). No viruses either (CD readonly)