Thursday, February 26, 2004

Firefox Extensions

There are several good web developer extensions available for Mozilla Firefox

  • User Agent Switcher - to allow Firefox to pretend to be another browser (for sites that insist you use MSIE)
  • Web Developer - useful for validating pages, outlining block-level elements, resize browser windows, references, etc
  • Venkman - JavaScript debugger (not really designed for Firefox but can still work). It would be good if this could be used in IE too.
  • Web Panel Enhancer - open source/link in side panel
  • Edit CSS - change CSS on the fly, good for testing new styles without modifying the original code
  • Live HTTP Headers - see HTTP headers sent by a web server when you request a page

As far as features go, Firefox is a lot better than Internet Explorer (for you can manipulate the interface through themes and XUL, develop your own extensions with just a text editor). Because it is not tied into the OS, extensions can work across different OS's and not be a security problem

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