Wednesday, May 19, 2004

FileZilla / Notepad2

Very good tools I have been using for a while. FileZilla is a excellent FTP client which is Open Source. The current version (2.2.6) is for Windows only (may work on Linux via Wine though). Apparently there will be no more development done on this version, but a version 3 is in the works - it should work cross platform when it is release. Progress can be followed on the Development Forum on the site.

Notepad2 is a very good Notepad replacement and offers features like syntax highlighting, regular expression search, brace matching, auto indenting and more. The replace Notepad batch file script I posted earlier can be used to replace Notepad with this program. There is another batch file that can do this, but it cannot be use as a generic replacement program for notepad. Here is another method to do it - for XP only. Also mentioned on the PowerToys WebLog.

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