Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Extensions for Web Developers (Firefox / Internet Explorer)

A list of Firefox extensions that are useful for web development. The Web Developer Extension is a 'must have' for web developers (i.e. if you could only have one, it would be it). Some haven't been updated for Firefox 1.5 (or you may have to go to the extension authors homepage to get an updated version).

Update (07 Dec 2005): Add N Edit Cookies, DevBoi, Screen grab!, MozRef Sidebar.
Update (20 Jan 2006): Console², FireBug, View Cookies, View Rendered Source Chart.
Update (25 Jan 2006): IE View Lite.

And for Internet Explorer:

There may be others for Internet Explorer that I do not know of (I have also not listed anything that you have to pay for).

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