Friday, May 19, 2006

Free Icons

There is also a list that is updated @ MaxPower - Free! Icons for your website or application

There probably are more sites with free icons, which I will try to add if I find them. Tutorial on creating your own icons with GIMP: GIMP - Creating Icons.

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Vlad Gerasimov said...

may I recommend , not exactly free but really really cheap - you can buy icons one by one there not sets.

Anonymous said...

There's too, an inkscape initaitive for lots of free cliparts.

Sam said...

I've looked at OpenClipart, but the search could be a lot better. There should also be an easy way to search/navigate clipart that you download (like how Office does it).

I am aware of Clip Art Browser (, but have not managed to get it working. I just want to download a standalone binary of it. The extra steps often required (downloading source, compiling with appropriate tool) will prevent it ever being used by most people.

At the moment, nothing really competes with Office in terms of clipart (amount, user friendliness, browsing and searching)