Thursday, July 27, 2006


Microsoft has a community site for code called CodePlex. Like SourceForge, you can create your own projects and download code from existing ones. The good think is that it does not require Microsoft Passport to register / sign in (unlike GotDotNet). However, it is not categorised - i.e. broken down by type (database, desktop, finance, games etc), programming language (C#, VB.NET) or interface (WinForms, WebForms).

Despite that, it is a lot easier to navigate than SourceForge and contains several useful projects (IronPython, Jad Engine - C# + MDX 3D Game Engine, "Atlas" Control Toolkit and more). It also allow GPL'd projects (which I don't think GotDotNet does) - Jad is under the LGPL.

A bit of AJAX would help improve the site (as you need JavaScript just to sign in, so visitors will likely have it enabled). For instance, when you go to a project's page you see a series of tabs, which you then click on the go to another page. If instead of that it loaded the content into the current page, it would be more responsive.

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