Thursday, February 22, 2007

Registry-less Programmer's Notepad 2

Programmer's Notepad 2 can be made to run without using the registry (i.e. make it portable, so you can use it on a removable hard drive / pen drive), but only with a development build. All it needs is a config.xml in its directory containing the following:

  <userSettings path="settings" />
  <storeType value="Xml" />

Alternatively, this batch file can be used to create the file and copy over your settings. Create a batch file e.g. pn2local.cmd and paste in the following code:

@echo off
if exist config.xml goto copysettings
echo ^<config^> > config.xml
echo    ^<userSettings path="settings" ^/^> >> config.xml
echo    ^<storeType value="Xml" ^/^> >> config.xml
echo ^<^/config^> >> config.xml
md settings
xcopy "%AppData%\Echo Software\PN2\*.*" settings\ /D /Q

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