Thursday, August 30, 2007

The JavaScript CompressorRater

The JavaScript CompressorRater compares several popular tools used for compressing JavaScript. At the moment, it compares JSMin, Dojo shrinksafe, Packer and the YUI Compressor (which has been recently been released and has very good results so far). Dojo shrinksafe and YUI Compressor require Java and Rhino installing. Packer can be run online and JSMin is a command line tool (with code available in several languages for use within your own applications).

Before using any of these tools, it is best to check your syntax is correct (adding the optional semi-colons and checking the code with JSLint).

You can see the results of the compression with several popular JavaScript libraries: jQuery, Prototype, YUI and Scriptaculous. Mootools and Dojo are missing from the comparison. Rather than using one tool to compress your code, it may be better to try several and use the one that gives you the best results.

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