Friday, December 03, 2004

NVU 0.6 (WYSIWYG html editor)

NVU 0.6, the free WYSIWYG html editor is now available for download. Still a long way to go before it is near Dreamweaver in terms of functionality. Has a few bugs as well (reformats code, does not work well with server side (ASP,PHP) code, adds DOCTYPE declaration (which you can't change) even when you don't want one (i.e. when editing an include file, or a template file used within a CMS), no XHTML support). Hopefully 1.0 will be a lot better (but will probably be a lot better by 2.0)

Site manager has improved, but could be better (i.e. context-menu, handling of other file types - cannot open ASP/ASP.NET files with it, no ability to add association (or use built in Windows associations). Perhaps it could be better if there were more working on the project (Daniel Glazman seems to be the only one (that I know of) actively working on it)?

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