Friday, April 29, 2005

50 million downloads of Firefox

Finally, Firefox has broken the 50 million milestone. How long until 100 million? Blazing a Trail to 50,000,000. That is more than the population of England in 2001. Open Source software can be popular and usable.

This was all done thanks to the community, like Spread Firefox and web logs. The only real expense was the New York Times advert, but that was community funded. Word of mouth can be the best marketing money can't buy.

The percentage of users in Europe is impressive. Highest in Finland (30%), lowest in Lithuania (3.5%). The UK (12%) is just below the average (which is 13%). This time last year it was no where near that (Firefox 1.0 didn't exist at all). I remember 1 million being a major milestone. Stats source: XiTi - Extude Xiti Monitor (in French - English translation (using Google Translate)). Source found via Blake Ross: Firefox popularity explodes in Europe.

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Devguy said...

pretty impressive numbers for firefox. I believe there was a virus out for firefox, which was the main reason I partially switched over to something other than IE.

Well actually I love the tabs in firefox as oppose to having 100's of IE windows eating up my taskbar real estate!