Sunday, April 24, 2005

Asa Dotzler: spreadfirefox's for the record project

Asa Dotzler: spreadfirefox's for the record project. Asa announces a new project on Spread Firefox - For The Record. Correct the media's mistakes when it comes to Firefox. i.e. saying Opera 8 was downloaded more than Firefox when it was released. In that case, Opera 8 was compared with Firefox 1.0PR (the preview release, not the final release). Firefox 1.0 (the final release) was downloaded 2.5 million times, Opera 8 was downloaded 600,000. I expect similar things will occur when test releases of Firefox 1.1 come out (which will have at least one Developer Preview Release (for developers to test extensions and additional developer improvements) and one Preview Release (to test new browser features) before finally coming out).

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