Friday, January 26, 2007

Firebug 1.0

If you are a web developer and use Firefox, you are likely to have heard of Firebug. The final version of Firebug 1.0 is out, and offers a lot more than the previous version (0.4.1). So I would suggest you to Get Firebug if you haven't already.

It is great for debugging as you can edit/inspect HTML and CSS on the live page and set breakpoints in JavaScript. If only Internet Explorer had something like this (I am aware of the Microsoft Script Editor (comes with Office and is activated within Word/Excel etc by pressing Alt+Shift+F11) and Visual Studio, but they are external applications and don't allow debugging while in the browser).

Firebug is even handy for non-developers (if they are interested in moving into development) as you can see the scripts and CSS pages are using, as well as see what files are being downloaded by the browser (including those downloaded by Flash).

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