Monday, January 15, 2007

jQuery Documentation

Update 24 Feb 2007: Link to Sean O's jQueryHelp

Update 23 Feb 2007: Added links for PDF's of API

Update 29 Jan 2007: Jörn Zaefferer's API browser is no longer a draft. Link below. 22:10 it also is printer friendly and can be downloaded for offline viewing. Visual jQuery 1.1.1 is also now available (and can also be downloaded).

Update 18 Jan 2007: A PDF Version of the documentation is available. To download, go to JQuery documentation in PDF. Only for the latest version of jQuery (1.1), although those with experience with Java will probably be able to check out an older version to generate the documentation.

If you are a user of jQuery, it is likely that you are aware of Visual jQuery, which is an alternative reference for the jQuery API. What you may not know, is that on the site is documentation for other versions as well (so if you still use an older 1.0.x version, you can still see it on the site). Here are the links (that I know of) to the documentation of the various versions. Also included is the blog post announcing the release of each version, with details of bugs fixed, feature changes etc.

There are also several other places that have their own version of the API documentation:

  • jQuery API (the original API page, hopefully it will still be kept up to date when new versions come out)
  • jQuery Documentation Wiki
  • Draft API jQuery API Browser by Jörn Zaefferer (one of the key developers of jQuery) There is also an application you can download (no install required) that allows you to look up a function in this API browser by simply highlighting it and pressing Ctrl-Shift-J - Sean O's jQueryHelp
  • also has it (version 1.0.3), but unfortunately the jQuery API page on the site can't be bookmarked, so it has to be clicked on in the centre frame

It also available in PDF format:

There are probably more that I have missed which I will hopefully be able to add to this post.

What I have not seen yet, is a PDF or a CHM (HTML Help) version of the documentation. Both It would be valuable for browsing offline (although I doubt many web developers now are offline very often) and searching can be easier and faster. Thankfully there is an XML version of the documentation (available on the jQuery API page and in the post announcing 1.1) that could be used to generate a PDF or CHM file. I am not sure if the XML files for the older versions (i.e. 1.0.x) are still available though.


malsup said...

Nice post, Sam. That's a good set of reference links.

Jörn said...

It may be worth noting that the API Browser is both printable and downloadable (for offline use). said...

more cheat sheets, for current version of jquery v1.1x

Anonymous said...

Any CHM yet?

Sam said...

No, not seen any yet. Perhaps it could be a build option for those who build jQuery and its documentation directly from SVN.